Photo Woodcut Technique

The Piva family

Piva Joinery to conquer the Big Apple. A family dedicated to the art of working the finest woods, the Pivas family. From their laboratory in Trento, with their skilled hands and so much commitment that over the decades has become an experience to be handed down, magic comes out, spells that take the form now of a kitchen, now of a living room, now of some splendid complement of furniture.


Between those four walls tradition, dedication and manual wisdom, come together to satisfy even the most demanding customer. When manual art has the opportunity to meet the art of intelligence and spirit, in its various forms, up to the highest ones such as painting, in that precise moment wonder is born, astonishment of those who create, wonder of who attends the creation, but above all the wonder of the beholder.

The meeting with Fabrizio Musa

And this is exactly what happened when Quanthic, to which Piva Joinery relied to bring its creations to the world, puts in contact the Pivas together with the famous painter Fabrizio Musa, giving life to a collaboration that immediately proved to be a winning opportunity.

Technology and arts

Through the technology patented by Piva and the artistic impulse of this great protagonist of the international art scene, the works have suddenly acquired depth, physicality, three-dimensionality.

To conquer the Big Apple

A three-dimensionality that has literally fascinated the public that has intervened very numerous at the last exhibition, which was held at The Armory Show in New York, from 7 to 10 March, on the occasion of Women’s Day and masterfully curated by Montasio Arte.


To better understand the location and the resulting parterre, just think that this space has seen the exhibition of works of other artists, just to name a few, such as Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, Gordon Matta-Clark and Salvatore Scarpitta. Some of the most important personalities of the Big Apple, and consequently of the world, have literally fallen in love with this technical-artistic intuition and have immediately wanted to embellish their spectacular lofts, with amazing views of the city, with these splendid works, the fruit of the collaboration between Fabrizio Musa and Piva.

It is just the beginning

The one between the well-known artist from Como and Piva promises to be just the beginning of a lucky idyll that will bring reciprocal capabilities and intuitions further and further away and become object of the greed for collecting of the most demanding artistic parterres at international level.